Description, Deposit, & Fees

Glen Echo Town Hall: Description, Deposit, & Fees
Effective July 1st 2014


The Glen Echo Town Hall is a small neighborhood venue.

Capacity: 124 people

ADA accessible via elevator from first to second floor.

ADA restroom located on second floor.

Equipped with: WiFi, audio/DVD system, screen, lectern and piano.

Parking: 10 spaces on site available after 5 p.m. weekdays; after 1 p.m. Saturdays; all day and evening Sundays.

Kitchen facility at back of room with refrigerator, sink and counter space, microwave, and pass-through counter.
Folding tables and chairs available.

Set-up and clean-up are the responsibility of the user; there are no janitorial services available.

Fee Schedule for Using the Town Hall

Security Deposit

All users must pay a $150 security deposit for each use.

Rental Fees

Sponsor Rate
Town residents Two free uses per year

$25 fee for each additional use

Non-profit organizations/groups
that provide some benefit to the Town of Glen
Echo; whose membership is open to Town residents;
are organized to serve the public interest; and
do not charge admission to participants in the
$75 fee for each use

The Town Council may opt to waive the fee
if requested

Non-profit organizations/groups
whose membership is not open to Town residents;
or whose activities/services are not of benefit
to the Town or related to the Town’s interest
$150 fee for each use
Private, non-resident’s social
$750 fee for each use
Negotiated Rate Fee to be determined by the
Town Council on request by the potential user