Rules and Regulations for Using Town Hall

All users of the Town Hall agree by their signatures on the accompanying form (Application to Use the Glen Echo Town Hall and Release of Liability and Rental Agreement for Use of the Glen Echo Town Hall) to leave the Town Hall and
its surroundings in a clean and undamaged condition. If any use of the Town Hall results in any damage to the building contents, or surroundings, that causes repair, cleaning or
replacement amounting to costs in excess of $150, the user agrees to assume financial responsibility for those costs.
In any case where costs resulting from such imprudent use are less than $150, the amount will be deducted from the $150 deposit. Some specific rules and regulations for responsible and prudent use, as well as general information, are outlined below:

  1. Consult the fee schedule for use of the Glen Echo Town Hall.
  2. The Town Hall capacity is 124. No more than 124 persons,
    including children, may be in the Town Hall at any
  3. No streamers, balloons, or other decorations shall be hung from the chandeliers.
  4. No decorations shall be attached to walls, floors, ceiling, or windows with permanent fasteners such as tacks, nails, staples, duct tape, etc.
  5. Pictures, photographs, etc. that are part of the Town Hall collection and hang permanently in the Hall shall not be removed by the user.
  6. The user of the Town Hall shall do the following before leaving:
    1. Remove any/all decorations placed by the user, including pieces of tape, fasteners, etc. In the Rest Rooms: Pick up all paper debris and wipe the sink and mirrors with paper towels. Empty waste baskets and replace the plastic
    2. In the Kitchen Area: Remove left-overs from refrigerator and wipe up any spills there. Clean the sink and counter. Place all cans and bottles in the recycling bin. Wipe kitchen floor if anything was spilled. Wash and replace
      any dishes or utensils used.
    3. Pick up or sweep up all trash/debris from the main hall, landings, stairs, foyer, kitchen and rest rooms; place this debris in trash bags, and place the bags in the trash receptacles outdoors behind the Post Office. Put new plastic
      trash bags in all trash cans and waste baskets. Close and latch all windows, including those in the rest rooms.
    4. Turn off all water faucets (kitchen and rest rooms).
    5. Check everywhere, including window sills, for personal property.
    6. Clean all table tops and chair seats of any sticky residue.
    7. Check hall floor for any wet or sticky spills, and wipe them up with a damp paper towel or cloth.
    8. Turn off all lights, including those in the rest rooms.
    9. Lock the front door with the key provided; the door is not self-locking.
    10. Return the key as instructed when the key was obtained.
  7. Cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking are not allowed in the Town Hall. Any such smoking shall be done outside the building.

For additional information about booking the Town Hall, please contact town hall 301-320-4041 or  Town Manager