Snow Removal

The Town has contracted with Rolling Acres Landscaping to plow and treat our streets.
snow emergency route

In an effort to be more environmentally-friendly, the Town of Glen Echo will be using a brine mixture to pre-treat snowy and icy roads this winter instead of just road salt. County and State roads have been using brine the past two winters and it has shown to be just as, if not MORE effective than pure road salt. Some of the benefits include:

– Uses 60% less salt (better for the environment)

– Doesn’t track (less salt on homeowners’ lawns and walkways, and in the street and sidewalks).

– Pet-friendly.

– Can be done before a storm and have instant impact (less wait time until the roadways are cleared  after snow).

– Less wear and tear on roads.

The federal and state governments are both limiting salt and pushing municipalities and companies away from it. This has led to a smaller supply of salt, which means longer wait times and potentially limits on the amount of salt available. We would avoid any salt shortages and limits, and will get a better response time when the weather calls for pre-treatment.