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Published unofficially by, for and in the Town of Glen Echo, Maryland. Copies of The Echo on file at Little Falls and Rockville libraries. Total circulation: 190. Distributed the first weekend of the month.

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Free for Glen Echo residents
Non-residents: $12 per year
To subscribe call Susan Grigsby 301-229-7735

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Non-residents: $1.50 per line of 50 characters or fewer.

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$5 per column inch.Ads may be left with or mailed to the editor at 6103 Princeton Avenue, Glen Echo, MD 20812. Make checks payable to: Town of Glen Echo.
Deadline: 20th of each month.

Emily Parsons

Art Editor
Mary Parsons

Jerry Bodlander, Bernie Edelman, Phyllis Fordham, Angela Hirsch, Joci Khalifa, Ellen Leary, Gloria Levin, Jim McGunnigle, Rex Rhein, Beth Rockwell, Debbi Sacks, Holly Shimizu, PattySieber, Mickie Simpson, Matt Stiglitz, Bill Vincent, Bonnie Whyte, Julia Wilson

Copy Editors
Maire Hewitt, Debbie Lange, Erica Tokar

Advertising Representative
Patty Sieber

Jane Stevenson, Jan Shaut, Sally Law, Raya Bodnarchuk, Maire Hewitt

Susan Grigsby