Trash & Recyling


Curbside trash pickup – Tuesday and Friday
Bulk trash: curbside on  Friday.


Curbside recycling pickup – Monday

Commingled Paper, Glass, Metal & Plastics

  • Newspaper and all advertising inserts
  • Magazines and glossy paper products, mail order catalogs, etc.
  • Cardboard: cereal boxes, packing boxes, etc. (Please flatten large cardboard boxes and set with/beside the bin.)
  • Telephone books, paperback books
  • Plain paper, unwanted mail, computer paper
  • Glass: All jars and bottles (all colors).
  • Metal: All aluminum and steel food and beverage cans and aluminum foil products such as balled foil wraps, and foil cookware. Please empty and rinse cans and foil products.
  • Plastics: All plastic containers can be recycled. Please empty and rinse containers. No plastic bags.

Recycling bins are available by contacting the Town Manager.

The following items will not be picked up in any circumstance:

  • Refrigerators that have not been tagged – considered bulk metal (separate pickup)
  • Hot water heaters
  • Propane tanks
  • Hazmat items (including chemicals, gas, oil, herbicides, pesticide, explosives, ext.)
  • Paint or paint thinner/remover cans _unless completely empty
  • Red bag items or medical waste
  • Cooking grease
  • Tires
  • TV’s
  • Batteries
  • Hot ash or coals
  • Construction debris (includes drywall)
  • Animal carcasses
  • Human or animal waste

Metal items, such as, but not limited to, computers, washers, dryers, fireplace grates, bikes and file cabinets will not be picked up with regular curbside trash or with the monthly large bulk pick up. The Town may schedule one or more pick up dates for metal items. Contact the Town Manager for further information.

Go to Montgomery County Solid Waste Services for information on hours & directions.